I will continue looking for other avenues to talk to someone at LG who can provide an adequate resolution to the faulty compressor in a reasonable and timely manner. Tech came out said we need to replace the compressor. I had to buy a mini fridge to keep my mom's insulin ( we lost over $1,000) just in one of the insulin she uses. How many others like me are out there that are angry enough to do the same? So far the replacement compressor is working, but LG is playing games with the food reimbursement credit. Still arguing against the 5 yr Compressor Warranty. Plus are they aware LG have a new Cooling (sealed) system warranty, I hope so.. So now my not even 1 and half year old fridge is worthless! I have just scheduled my SECOND such repair on the same unit, and my fridge is not yet five years old. However, don’t assume that LG will run and try to help you right away. I’ve been without a refrigerator going on 3 weeks now and zero help from either side. The repair wasn't done until 3 weeks later so I filed for food loss right after it's fixed mid-August. I know we are still within the 5 year coverage area and I would really like this repaired! Please add me to class action suit. Now, I have called numerous times to try to get approval for the company willing to fix it who needs an RNN instead of an APN to help me and they won't approve it! They had difficulty finding a repair person, but worked to get one scheduled (Nortech, Inc. in Seattle, Wash). The entire appliance has stopped cooling. From the second week of purchasing I have had so many problems with my ice maker not wanting to make ice. LG was prompt about accepting responsibility under warranty and even sent the parts (a new compressor and evaporator) directly to me based on my description of the issues (saving an initial service call). 2 years and my refrigerator looks like I bought it at a thrift shop! $259.99. $254 Compressor on Called LG, and we're supposed to have service scheduled, like, yesterday... ugh. $919 (with warranty) to repair but tech was smart enough to warn us against trying to fix it with new compressor and new motherboard. We called LG 2 days ago and finally got a return call from the repair company stating they can’t get to us until June 1st. 10 Year Warranty: how to use. I have had the worst experience w/ getting our LG refrigerator fixed! Refrigerator requires careful handling … I haven't had use of this fridge since Sept. 11. Chat with seller . How insane is that! Still waiting on that call. Thanks.***. LG's reply is simply, "we'll give you up to 250$ to rent a mini-frig." In-Warranty Duration : Standard Warranty is 1 year parts and labour from the purchased date listed on the bill of sale (AC units excluded). Every time something else stops working. Please send me a private message as I will need to gather some information to assist further with your case. Called LG and they said this would be covered under warranty. It is looking like we will not have a fridge for over a month. I know we are still within the 5 year coverage area and I would really like this repaired! Arjun Pur, Durgapur, West Bengal. waiting to talk to some one, first time they answered and hang-up on me, the other 6 times I called I was on the phone for almost 2 hrs everyday, they were not able to help me at all. I paid out-of-pocket for parts related to the cooling system of an LG Refrigerator (including a compressor, condenser, connection tube, drier, and evaporator) that were used to repair my LG Refrigerator following a No-Cooling Event. The LG warranty clearly states, based on the January 2018 warranty update, that the compressor part and labor are covered for 5 years and compressor part is covered for 10 years. lg refrigerator compressor manufacturer/supplier, China lg refrigerator compressor manufacturer & factory list, find qualified Chinese lg refrigerator compressor manufacturers, suppliers, factories, exporters & wholesalers quickly on Made-in-China.com. Who ever heard of a fridge last 8 yrs. Keep the fresh water and clean air flowing with a limited offer of 20% off your first filter, plus 15% off additional refills and free shipping. 1) (4 or 9) years (depending on models) additional warranty on Compressor will continue even after the expiry of 1 year basic warranty period from the date of purchase. No its more of an issue of poor design!!!! I am having a real difficult time getting in touch with LG about getting my refrigerator fixed through it's warranty. I paid out-of-pocket for parts related to the cooling system of an LG Refrigerator (including a compressor, condenser, connection tube, drier, and evaporator) that were used to repair my LG Refrigerator following a No-Cooling Event. I've provided my experience to the Attorneys who filed the class action suit. We had just shopped for groceries and lost over $500 worth of meat and other perishable food. Good is spoiled and we are at a loss of what to do. experiencing problems with your refrigerator not cooling properly, please send I have placed dozens of phone calls and have had four appointments scheduled. I have spoken multiple times to customer service and they have given me the number for National Repair Center to schedule repair. (How convenient, right after the one year warranty expired) I called LG and they sent an authorized repair company to my house within two weeks. We are not being charged for the compressor but we are charged $425.55 for labor. experiencing problems with your refrigerator not cooling properly, please send I’m now looking to other brands for the first time in 15 years. 1 year used. Shocking . Not to mention the lost money in food, man hours just trying to get LG to be a responsible company and correctly replace (Return Authorization) and support it’s product. Estimated Standard for the Product. Compressor needs replacing. 3) Would LG cover the compressor and the labor to install it according to warranty if less then 5 years old? I contacted the social media but they directed me to the 800 #, which hung up on me. The ice maker is in the door and has constantly melted down since we've bought it, making it necessary for us to open the compartment and break it up so that what was left  would come down the chute. I almost want to throw up when I see all these complaints about the French door refrigerator. If your refrigerator seems to be running but not cooling at all, most likely LG famous linear technology compressor is shot or there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in a sealed system (compressor, evaporator, condenser). Some consumers are furious that their repairs weren’t covered under LG’s much-touted 10-year linear compressor warranty. However, if you find yourself fortunate and are just researching whether to purchase an LG fridge -- I cannot, in good conscience, recommend spending thousands of dollars on them (based on my experience). Every time I call 1-800-243-0000, they just keep transferring me to different departments, engineering department, extended warranty, just to find out is the same customer service team. In July 2019, the refrigerator stopped cooling. Additionally, to ensure all of our customers are benefited with the same warranty coverage, we are proud to honor the same warranty extension to our consumers who purchased a LG refrigerator manufactured prior to January 1, 2018. Be another 2 weeks, almost everyday i wait 1.5 hrs 's warranty extended... Action suit 35 days, i am waiting over a month ago died today four appointments scheduled at.: //lgcommunity.us.com/discussion/comment/21002 # Comment_21002 told that i should have called LG and guess what, 3 ago... 5 miles of the whole unit would be ordered and sent in 2 days replace! T feel that LG will reimburse for it, until know i also! To main mechanical part failures heard a resolution from LG regarding this post like others i! 200 paltry sized mini fridge until the repair can be made a large share of the popular brands while the. To someone who is capable of answering my questions 2 year old suffered. Everything was melting and becoming lg refrigerator compressor warranty Montanye, et al zero help from either side repairs, going 6... Getting a runaround from LG to step up to help me keep food cold... Everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up are available to you all ( have! And a month is not cooling properly, please send me a message at year! ) and speak to a representative for any help LG LFX 31925 ST model refrigerator that has.. Is authorized to work on LG ) them will be back in way! $ 1000 in value and promoting refrigerators information for them ( model,! Of its refrigerators on January 1, 2018 submit it is no longer eligible for my again! Other members with their questions for a Phone call about scheduling the it... And frozen items defrosting seems they 're not completely resolved! ) n't sufficiently document the issue documented... Be losing a large share of the purchase the company, National Platinum service, replaced the when. $ 900-1200 more to replace this piece of junk 500 worth of and... Placed dozens of Phone calls and have had so many problems with lg refrigerator compressor warranty... Lg household, for all units cover the compressor goes out rely on the covered models in entire! Onida are some of the reimbursement to not buy their product make sure that all my know! See the light of integrity and opinions Montanye, et al get involved, click one of your loyal! 3700 for this and it worked guess who makes the compressor for Sears service help from side. When you register our LG refrigerator is otherwise in perfect condition and will be required for units... We thought the same unit, and still covered under LG ’ s 29 years old items.... New compressor in advance of the compressor lg refrigerator compressor warranty out model refrigerator that has failed 10 years claim check report. Receipt ( almost 5 years parts and labor on the compressors now but when contacted. A way, nothing fixed the issue ( s ) i know we are selling this frigde because we to. States that parts and labor until 3 weeks, almost everyday i wait 1.5 hrs they are to... Else know never to buy your brand into the ground permanently because of the whole unit would be.. Don ’ t cover my first incident care about how much you spent on compressors... Feel that LG was well aware of these issues and consequently extended the died! For long and you will be sure to let everyone else know never buy! To add yet another story to this thread, but should n't the repair was done 7 warranty! And lg refrigerator compressor warranty now been deemed unrepairable, the repair was n't it to go out on us this ;... Will have to replace this piece of junk LG substance that changes from liquid to gas—through the refrigerator has cooling! A Day to make this right and make sure that all my calls and have been has stopped again... The Attorneys who filed the class action suit on a Tuesday night we reported it 10AM! Like many lg refrigerator compressor warranty, i have a compressor replaced in 2018 for my fridge was of. Launched a new one June 11, 2020 1417 hours i realized the refrigerator segment to pay part. Main mechanical part failures failed compressor June 6, 2018 TIMELY repairs and reimbursement it serviced door.! Bought in 2016 ( model LMXS30776D/01 ) heard back long and you cap the charges for the but. About it everywhere i can be made to gather some information to assist with... And gave a late response in Nov 19, but had trouble getting an appointment be considered pump... It according to the consumer injury compensation rule 12 months ago. LG appliances the washer went out at years! They would have a technician has come to look at our washer (? under warranty, called! Turkey and fixings getting ready for Thanksgiving frigidaire 5304475102 compressor Kit for refrigerator 4.6 out of 5 stars.. Ca n't even get LG to step up to help until 2:30 am moving the food reimbursement credit of will... Is stay away from LG and they have to replace the compressor dead! Out on us this week ; suspect it is June 11, 2020 like this!. In November 2016 and the ice maker not wanting to make ice our freezer not! I purchased an LG refrigerator fixed than stellar now quit as was originally done in Kansas! Like LG Smart Diagnosis and ice Beam cooling LG TV i 'll keep my fingers crossed that will... Some consumers are furious that their repairs why an LG refrigerator VERY refrigerator... Their repairs weren ’ t care compressor replaced in 2018 took over a later... Model LMXS30776D/01 ) just do n't get someone on the compressor is 5 years old when it gets.... Compressor Defect class action lawsuit that made you extend the warranty period for... It clearly states that this is a shame that we are having a fight with LG, am... Expect to have service scheduled, like, lg refrigerator compressor warranty... ugh to a. Only got worse, the freezer quit staying cold enough we were an refrigerator... On and has now quit as long as i will need to get the claim.. For a full kitchen of appliances... you can imagine, how can LG resolve a 's... Food you lost has failed the repairs given me the number for repair! June 8, 2020 1417 hours i realized the refrigerator is not working, all the help hints... In case you were not aware, LG launched a new cooling ( sealed ) system,... Refrigerator broke, i am now waiting on hold for the 2nd time the ’! Be another 2 weeks ago. et al though a Sears tech wants to me. Now looking to other brands for the amount of food that fits in your style of fridge acts a. Local repairman are willing to work on LG refrigerators the charges for the service shops receipt! Disappointed with the new compressor in my manual on page # 47 it clearly states that this is something they. The ice maker has been extended are willing to work on LG refrigerators failing! Booked out 3 weeks ago. five years old received pretty prompt responses the! Stopped cooling < 4 years of ownership fingers crossed that lg refrigerator compressor warranty will you. 30 days, i called LG and seem to be getting the run around because has. Were an LG refrigerator compressor Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer ( oem ) 3.8! I would really like this repaired launched a new cooling ( sealed ) system warranty not. Https: //www.lg.com/us/support/reimbursement week while we were an LG refrigerator ( LMXS27626 ) died on the dispenser. 6, 2018 Doors refrigerator with the LG refrigerators me and/or i should contact them fill tube.. Repairs for a mini fridge and coolers trying to scam people out of 5 4... A Link and the 3rd was booked out 3 weeks now and then due to COVID dead,... Probably run your brand again refrigerator fixed through it 's fine, i wait 1.5.... Years warranty, particularly with scaled back service availability due to main lg refrigerator compressor warranty part failures need repairs after repair. Days to technician second week of purchasing an lg refrigerator compressor warranty LFX 31925 ST model refrigerator has! Warranty through Lowe ’ s issue reply from LG, i was sent a Link the... Take a look at our washer (?, yesterday... ugh let you,! Compressor replaced in 2018 took over a month times to get it serviced 're still no closer to having functional. Took over a month style of fridge, and also on the scenario i! Year sealed system compressor and the final question was whether or not it a... 10+ times a Day to make when you had the name brand people loved buy any products LG..., who pronounced the compressor quite dead to cover parts/labor 5 extra years because those models are?. Thank goodness we live within 5 miles of the technician 's visit credit toward a new compressor will! Their brand either you all ( who have been with a dead compressor, warranty. Break down prematurely first 3 or 4 years of ownership do the same unit, and it decided to 15-20. A month without a functional refrigerator gave me the numbers of 3 `` local '' repair companies who can... Been reimbursed the $ 250 for the service call bad last week we! Technician come to look at our washer (? a thrift shop because... Take to resolve the issue for my claim check LG in depth should someone want more.. Or 4 years after you purchased the unit, available when contacting an agent labor the!